Outstanding Poster Art: Modern Jazz for ’56

Sometimes I see a piece of pop art and just know it’s from the 1950s without knowing anything else about it. Such is the case with this phenomenal piece from 1956, advertising a concert called Modern Jazz for ’56, which seems to have been a package tour. It featured artists such as Chris Connor, the […]

Sears Catalog Goodness #3: Late ’70s Exercise Equipment

I know that making fun of 1970s fashion is an easy thing to do, and I certainly enjoy a good bell-bottom or earth tone joke as much as the next guy. But one thing that gets overlooked in ’70s jokes is how primitive the home exercise equipment of that time looks compared to now. To […]

Brochure Beauties #5: Pacific Telephone Colorphones

This lovely brochure comes from Pacific Telephone, and advertises their line of extension colorphones. There’s no date on this one, but I think 1960s is a reasonable guess. The front of the brochure features a delightful mid-century color palette that definitely predates the earth tones of the ’70s. Perhaps someone more versed in commercial artwork […]

Cardboard America banner image

Cardboard America: Travelodge – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Travelodge - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Travelodge – Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

2101 Columbia Ave. (rt. 340)

Lancaster, Penna. 17603 

60 Deluxe Air-Conditioned rooms – TV & Direct Dial telephones – Heated Pool – Dining Room & Cocktail Lounge – Pennsylvania Dutch Tours conducted – 5 minutes from center of Lancaster located in quiet residential section – Major Credit cards honored.