Sears Catalog Goodness #3: Late ’70s Exercise Equipment

I know that making fun of 1970s fashion is an easy thing to do, and I certainly enjoy a good bell-bottom or earth tone joke as much as the next guy. But one thing that gets overlooked in ’70s jokes is how primitive the home exercise equipment of that time looks compared to now. To […]

A Gallery of Vintage Halloween Costume Slides

These days preserving memories of Halloween parties and trick or treating is as simple as clicking an icon on your phone. Back in the day it not only meant fumbling with a camera and film, but also finding a way to preserve all those spooky and cute memories. To remind us all of simpler Halloween […]

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Car Crazy #2: AMC at the 1975 Chicago Auto Show

Behold the American Motors Corporation mid-’70s car lineup in its full glory, from the 1975 Chicago Auto Show. There was the Gremlin, Hornet, Matador, and the all-new Pacer. You just cannot beat that color palette.