Listening Booth — Scorpions, “The Sails of Charon”

For Friday, here’s a slab of vintage 1970s metal and progressive rock all rolled up into one beautiful, German package. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, this song is on the excellent 1977 Scorpions LP Taken By Force. It was the last Scorps record with the inimitable Uli Jon Roth. This is a promo video and […]

Black Sabbath, 1973

So fresh: 10 Black Sabbath songs that will never get old

Last Friday the original, legendary Black Sabbath lineup — Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward — announced that they are reuniting once again for a tour and a 2012 Rick Rubin-produced album. I’m holding out hope that it won’t be a disaster, as the quasi-Sabbath Heaven & Hell project (R.I.P. Ronnie James […]

Iron Maiden, 1982

Pop Culture Capsule: Iron Maiden through the years

Iron Maiden logo
It’s no exaggeration to say that Iron Maiden has not only been one of the most influential heavy metal bands of the last thirty or so years, but they’ve also been one of the greatest. They were one of my first musical loves and to this day are part of my personal trinity of unshakable favorites (next to Kiss and Rush).

It’s high time I devoted more space to the mighty Maiden, so I thought a trip down memory lane would be nice. Here are the numerous lineups Iron Maiden has known since Steve Harris formed it on Christmas Day 1975. Up the irons!

December 1975 – December 1976

Iron Maiden, 1976

The very first Iron Maiden lineup! From left to right are — Dave Sullivan (guitar), Ron Matthews (drums), Paul Day (lead vocals), Terry Rance (guitar), and Steve Harris (bass guitar and backing vocals). Harris, incidentally, was 19 years old when Iron Maiden began.

December 1976 – mid 1977

Iron Maiden, 1977

The first of many lineup changes to come in the ’70s hit when Paul Day was booted for new vocalist Dennis Wilcock (2nd from left), sporting some Kiss-inspired makeup. Both Sullivan and Rance were replaced on guitar by Dave Murray (left) and Bob Sawyer (2nd from right).

mid 1977 – November 1977

Iron Maiden, 1977

Perhaps Iron Maiden’s shortest-lived lineup. Wilcock convinced Harris to fire (temporarily) Murray, who was replaced on guitar by Terry Wapram (center). New drummer Barry Purkis (aka Thunderstick) was infamously rumored to have fallen asleep during a gig. The band even dabbled with keyboards, adding Tony Moore (left) to the lineup.

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Robert Plant, The Principle of Moments

My favorite music: 1983

There was a lot of great music released in 1983. This is a list of my favorite albums and songs from that year, with .mp3 samples!

View-Master's Germany

Vintage View-Master: Germany (Nations of the World series), reel 2

View-Master's GermanyWelcome back, meine freunde! I hope you enjoyed the first part of our trip through 1960s Germany, courtesy my View-Master collection. Our journey continues on reel two, where we stop by beautiful Bavaria in southeast Germany.

One of the oldest states of Europe, Bavaria was established as a duchy in the mid first millennium. In the 17th century, the Duke of Bavaria became a Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Kingdom of Bavaria existed from 1806 to 1918, and Bavaria has since been a free state (republic). Modern Bavaria also includes parts of the historical regions of Franconia and Swabia. It is the largest German state by area, forming almost 20% of the total land area of Germany.


#1 – Boys’ Band on Parade in Dinkelsbühl Festival

View-Master's Germany

Dinkelsbühl is currently home to Summer Breeze Open Air, a heavy metal music festival held in August. This year’s lineup features acts such as Decapitated, Hatebreed, Vomitory, and Rotting Christ.

#2 – Old Section of Munich

View-Master's Germany

#3 – St. Bartholomä Church on Beautiful Königssee

View-Master's Germany
A chapel was first built on the Königssee lake in 1134. The chapel you see here dates from the late 17th century.
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