The 12 Vintage Pinups of Christmas Part 2

Everyone loves a good sequel, and I can think of nothing more worthy of a second entry than a gallery of vintage Christmas pinups. In case you missed the first edition, check it out before proceeding. Be of good cheer!

A Gallery of Vintage Halloween Costume Slides

These days preserving memories of Halloween parties and trick or treating is as simple as clicking an icon on your phone. Back in the day it not only meant fumbling with a camera and film, but also finding a way to preserve all those spooky and cute memories. To remind us all of simpler Halloween […]

For Labor Day, Enjoy Some Canned Hamburger!

I don’t know about you, but there comes a point when convenience goes too far, and things just get weird. Case in point: This 1950 advertisement for Swift’s Premium Canned Hamburgers, which purports to “take the labor out of the Labor Day Week End.” But hey, as gross as the prospect of eating preformed meat […]

For Father’s Day, Edgeworth Pipe Tobacco (1947)

Happy Father’s Day from The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit and from the fine people who bring you Edgeworth Pipe Tobacco! It’s Dad who tends the furnace, it’s Dad who mows the law, And it’s Dad who pushes off to work before the crack o’ dawn… It’s Dad who carries bundles. And it’s Dad […]