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Listening Booth — The New Mastersounds, “You Mess Me Up”

The New Mastersounds - Out on the FaultlineWith all the crap I’ve been dealing with thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I’ve had precious little time for music listening. And that means I haven’t been able to really dig into the new record from the New Mastersounds, Out on the Faultline.

I mean to correct that today, and the first step is sharing the official video for the first song off the LP, “You Mess Me Up.” It’s a fun video for an even funner song. That’s right, funner.

The group’s last album, Breaks from the Border, made my 2011 year-end best of list, and I have a feeling this one will too.

Out on the Faultline is available now! And if you’re on Spotify, you can check out this track and most of the ones featured in my Listening Booth series by subscribing to this playlist.

Prepare for a funky summer from the New Mastersounds

Unless you’re a connoisseur of modern-day funk and soul you likely haven’t heard of the New Mastersounds. That’s a shame, because for more than a decade this Leeds-based outfit has been churning out some of the tightest, most hip-shaking grooves around.

The quartet is currently touring the United States and recording their upcoming album here (Tornillo, Texas to be precise) — a first for them. In another change, the band will be adding vocals to their previously instrumental attack. To give fans a preview of what’s to come, the New Mastersounds recently released a cool behind-the-scenes video for the making of the album, Breaks From the Border. Check it out:

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