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Here’s a fresh batch of some quality interweb finds I’ve come across over the last 7 days: Like a scene from one of those apocalypse movies, a graphic photo of San Francisco after the earthquake and fire of April 18, 1906. (Shorpy) The Rock is disturbed to find out that Christina Aguilera was not debuting […]

GFS at the Movies: Star Trek

Spock and Kirk - Star Trek (2009)

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Star Trek brand was about as interesting and relevant as…well, let’s just say I can’t have been the only one who left Gene Roddenberry’s creation for dead after their last outings on the big screen and the boob tube.  Turns out it just needed a bit of a breather (not to mention some fresh creative blood).

Putting aside painful cliches like “set phasers for stunning!” or “Star Trek will now live long and prosper”, I’ll just say that J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek takes its place among the greatest realizations of Roddenberry’s franchise in any medium.  The film succeeded on nearly every level possible, not the least of which was making it resonate with longtime fans – who, let’s face it, are probably the most fanatical and detail-obsessed of any fictional franchise – as well as curious newcomers.

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Geek alert: New Star Trek photos

Courtesy the MTV Movies Blog, a half-dozen production photos from the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie are online for your geek pleasure.  Actually, they’ve just collected the photos from various other sites, and so I’ve done the same for you.  Enjoy! 1. Eric Bana as Nero, waiting to hear back from the casting director […]

Showdown: Hasselhoff vs. Shatner

Hasselhoff v. Shatner

Truly these are great times to be alive, my friends, for we have walking among (amongst?) us mortals two men of such legendary accomplishments, that to even utter their names is to inspire greatness. I am speaking of course about David Michael Hasselhoff and William Alan Shatner. And while we are lucky in that we would never have to choose between the two, I thought I’d take a minute to compare the careers of these two titans to see just which one comes out on top. It’s on!

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Star Trek – The Lost Logs (Kirk)

The Captain’s Log is the one place where a commanding officer can record his private thoughts. This is one you may not have read before.