10 Great Juvenile Delinquent/Teen Exploitation Movie Posters

Live Fast, Die Young movie poster

Live Fast, Die Young movie poster

You shrieked in terror at my gallery of vintage ’80s horror movie posters… you gasped at my science fiction movie posters of the ’50s… now tremble at this gallery of movie posters featuring juvenile delinquent/teen exploitation films of the ’40s through the ’70s!

#1. Teen Age Thunder (1957)

Teen Age Thunder (1957) movie poster

#2. Switchblade Sisters (1975)

Switchblade Sisters (aka The Jezebels) (1975)

#3. Juvenile Jungle (1958)

Juvenile Jungle (1958)

#4. Live Fast, Die Young (1958)

Live Fast, Die Young (1958)

#5. Youth Runs Wild (1944)

Youth Runs Wild (1944)

#6. The Cool and the Crazy (1958)

The Cool and the Crazy (1958)

#7. Reform School Girl (1957)

Reform School Girl (1957)

#8. Riot in Juvenile Prison (1959)

Riot in Juvenile Prison (1959)

#9. Untamed Youth (1957)

Untamed Youth (1957)

#10. Girls Under 21 (1940)

Girls Under 21 (1940)

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