Spring Has Sprung! (10 Vintage Spring Advertisements)

1947 USCO Aluminum print ad

1947 USCO Aluminum print ad

It sure doesn’t feel much like it here in the northeast, but according to my calendar it is actually the first day of spring 2014. Since opening my windows isn’t an option yet, I can at least look at some vintage spring advertisements showing other people enjoying blue skies, crisp air, and green grass.

Chesterfield, 1945
Chesterfield, 1945

Ah, and what better way to enjoy a fine spring morning than by inhaling a deep lungful of that rich, tobacco aroma only Chesterfield can offer!

Greyhound, 1953
Greyhound, 1953
Motorola radio ad, 1950
Motorola, 1950

Hey, buy me a radio like that and I’ll swoon too.

Greyhound print ad, 1951
Greyhound, 1951
United States Brewers Foundation print ad, 1953
United States Brewers Foundation, 1953

After about the sixth beer this is pretty much what everything looks like to me too.

Chevrolet print ad, 1955
Chevrolet, 1955
Bell Telephone System print ad, 1960
Bell Telephone System, 1960

Screw the Easter egg hunt, I want one of these beauties!

Lawn Boy print ad, c. 1950s
Lawn Boy, c. 1950s
Vigoro print ad, 1960
Vigoro, 1960
USCO Aluminum print ad, 1947
USCO Aluminum, 1947

Now this illustration can be viewed one of two ways. I choose to think the best.