This 1969-70 Sporting News NBA Guide Is Great

Old sports magazine? Check. Cool set of vintage sports logos? Check. Prototypical post material? Double check.

This guide to the 1969-70 NBA season, published by The Sporting News, is a wonderful snapshot of an era of the league long past.

1969-70 Sporting News NBA Guide

Of the 14 teams shown here via logos, five have since taken on a new location and/or identity. Gone are the Cincinnati Royals (Sacramento Kings), San Francisco Warriors (Golden State Warriors), Seattle Supersonics (Oklahoma City Thunder), Baltimore Bullets (Washington Wizards), and San Diego Rockets (Houston Rockets).

And of the nine teams that still go by the same name, only the Chicago Bulls have retained the exact same logo and colors. The rest have since been modified either slightly — Celtics, Lakers, and 76ers — or rather drastically. That Phoenix Suns logo, for instance, was retired after the 1991-92 season.