1974 Burger King ads offer a study in contrasts

Here we have two 1974 Burger King ads, both from the same “Have It Your Way” campaign. They both feature BK employees wearing the same groove-tastic uniforms, and they were both shot at the same location. But see if you can spot the subtle difference in the way the two spots are produced and targeted.

#1 — Super Soulful BK

#2 — Super White Bread BK

Now, crafting ads to appeal to a certain demographic is nothing new, so I’m not casting judgment here. All I’m saying is that if the BK from the first ad still existed today, I would eat there EVERY DAY. I would sit back, cram another Whopper down my gullet, and watch the Supremes-esque cashiers serenade me with their soulful voices. And I would be 300 pounds in no time.

Burger King 1974 "Have It Your Way" commercial

"Stop! In the name of fries!"

Burger King 1974 "Have It Your Way" commercial


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