Sunday, March 29

Day: August 24, 2009

Venture Bros. season 4 trailer?  Oh yes!

Venture Bros. season 4 trailer? Oh yes!

TV & Radio
The trailer for the upcoming season of The Venture Bros, which was shown at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, is up on the Adult Swim website.  But I'll save you the trouble and just post it here. Not sure how much more of Sgt. Hatred I can take, but other than that this is pure win.  J.G. Thirwell's music continues to be a vital part of the Venture experience, and the animation is at least as good as last season's.  I caught a nice Raiders of the Lost Ark reference, and had to look up LARP.  Oh and I laughed a bunch of times. Yeah, this is shaping up to be a kickass season.
Listening Booth – Can, “Vitamin C”

Listening Booth – Can, “Vitamin C”

Listening Booth, Music
I came across a rather interesting combination today on YouTube - the music of legendary Krautrock group Can as the backing track to some random action from the Sims 2 video game.  You can find that here, but I'm not featuring it mainly because they've edited down today's song - "Vitamin C" - and I want to use the whole thing. So here's a full version of "Vitamin C" from the brilliant 1972 album Ege Bamyasi.  Enjoy the clever guitar chords and top-notch drumming.  It really is a stunning song. And don't forget those lyrics... Her daddy got a big aeroplane, Her mommy holds all the family cash, A beautiful blows, I stay at the corner, She is living in and out of tune. Hey you, You're losing, you're losing, you're losing, you're losing your vitamin C. Hey you, You're los