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TV Listings Flashback #2: July 3, 1970

Here are the evening/prime time network TV listings for the Newburgh, NY market on Friday, July 3, 1970, as published by the The Evening News. As you might expect, the schedule was full of reruns on the eve of the July 4th holiday.

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Channel 2 (CBS)

  • 7:30 Get Smart – Smart and 99 mistaken for doctor and his nurse by hoodlums. (R)
  • 8:00 He & She – Hollisters celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary by being remarried in gala fashion. (R)
  • 8:30 Hogan’s Heroes – Hogan and cronies staggered by urgent order from London. (R)
  • 9:00 Ten Little Indians, Hugh O’Brian, Shirley Eaton (1964), suspense thriller

Channel 4 (NBC)

  • 7:30 The High Chaparral – Buck and Manolito leave to operate the own recently purchased spread. (R)
  • 8:30 The Name of the Game – Dan Farrell tries to help young Mexican-American boxer. (R)
  • 10:00 Bracken’s World – Starlet Rachel Holt and new black trainee at Century Studio begin dating. (R)

Channel 5

  • 7:00 I Love Lucy
  • 7:30 Truth or Consequences
  • 8:00 To Tell the Truth
  • 8:30 David Frost

Channel 7 (ABC)

  • 7:30 The Flying Nun – Sister Bertrille becomes writer of Advice to the Lovelorn newspaper column. (R)
  • 8:00 The Brady Bunch – Cindy’s favorite doll is missing and she accuses Bobby of taking it. (R)
  • 8:30 The Ghost & Mrs. Muir – Joe Flynn guest stars as Mr. Turner, devil who makes a deal for Claymore’s soul. (R)
  • 9:00 Here Come the Brides – Jeremy and Joshua play roulette wheel and win a Tacoma saloon. (R)
  • 10:00 Love, American Style – Contemporary tales of love. (R)

Channel 9

  • 7:00 What’s My Line?
  • 7:30 Baseball – New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies
  • 10:30 Candid Camera

Channel 11 (WPIX)

  • 7:00 Please Don’t Eat the Daisies
  • 7:30 Beat the Clock
  • 8:00 Baseball – New York Yankees vs. Washington Senators

Channel 13 (PBS)

  • 7:00 Man Against His Environment – “Operation Reentry” (R)
  • 7:30 New Jersey Speaks for Itself – “I Quit: Personal Protests Against the War” (R)
  • 8:00 Book Beat – Leonard Slater, author of The Pledge interviewed.
  • 8:30 NET Playhouse – “The Seagull” (R)

Show Notes

  • Channel 5 (WNEW) was one of the strongest and most popular independent stations in America in the 1970s. The station became the New York FOX affiliate in 1986 and changed to WNYW.
  • Some of the shows airing on this day had already ended their original network runs. Many years ago the summer really was a time for networks to air just about anything they wanted, usually old reruns.
  • The Mets beat the Phillies, 4-3.
  • The Senators beat the Yankees, 4-3.

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McDonald's Filet Fish card, 1967

The Secret of McDonald’s’ Success? Not Hiring Women

Ray Kroc 1959 quote on McDonald's not hiring womenI know it’s kind of a cheap tactic to hold someone accountable for views they held decades ago, when society was very different, but I did a double-take when I read a quote from McDonald’s patriarch Ray Kroc.

Kroc, in an Associated Press interview published in several papers on September 15, 1959, cited several factors as to why McDonald’s was such a runaway success.

There were economic considerations such as a simplified menu and no in-store dining, but Kroc also seemed to focus on the type of image the chain should portray and the type of people they wanted working and dining.

In Kroc’s own words:

“We don’t allow juke boxes, cigarette machines or phone booths — and we don’t hire female help,” he said.

“In picking a site we count the churches and schools in the area, rather than the traffic. We appeal to a family trade, not transients. We want to become a real part of the community.”

So take note, transients and females, you should most definitely not bother looking for the Golden Arches.

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For Father’s Day, Edgeworth Pipe Tobacco (1947)

Happy Father’s Day from The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit and from the fine people who bring you Edgeworth Pipe Tobacco!

Edgeworth Pipe Tobacco (1947) Father's Day ad

  1. It’s Dad who tends the furnace, it’s Dad who mows the law,
  2. And it’s Dad who pushes off to work before the crack o’ dawn…
  3. It’s Dad who carries bundles. And it’s Dad who has to pay,
  4. Let’s give Dad the FINEST! for his pipe on FATHER’S DAY!


Little House on the Prairie cast photo

TV Listings Flashback: #1 June 9, 1980

Here are the evening and prime time network TV listings for the Pittsburgh, PA market on Monday, June 9, 1980, as published by the Beaver County Times. As you might expect, the schedule was full of reruns, with a scheduled baseball game being one of the few pieces of original programming.

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Channel 2 (CBS)

  • 8:00 WKRP in Cincinnati – Everyone at the station is convinced Johnny has gone mad when he claims God talked to him. (R)
  • 8:30 Channel to Pittsburgh – Host Marlynn Singleton
  • 9:00 M*A*S*H – A critically injured patient faces permanent paralysis or death unless he is operated on within 20 minutes at the poorly equipped 4077th. (R)
  • 9:30 House Calls – Amos arranges a dinner appointment for Charley on the same night and in the same restaurant where he has already made a date with Ann. (R)
  • 10:00 Lou Grant – Billie is placed in the custody of a chauvinistic policeman (Richard Jaeckel) during a grand jury case involving a popular game-show host. (R)

Channel 4 (ABC)

  • 8:00 One in a Million – Cushing does a complete turnaround and becomes a loveable guy after suffering what he thinks was a heart attack. (R)
  • 8:30 Baseball

Channel 6 (NBC)

Channel 13 (PBS)

  • 8:00 A Day With Conrad Green – A pretentious New York theatrical agent (Fred Gwynne) discovers that he must cope on his own when he loses his long-time assistant in this Israel Horowitz adaptation of a Ring Lardner short story.
  • 9:00 Mark Twain: Beneath the Laughter – By re-creating incidents from his life and work, the dark side of the famous writer’s character not generally known by the public and the cynicism that provoked his humor are revealed. (R)
  • 10:00 Jazz at the Maintenance Shop – “Bill Evans Trio” Bill Evans, piano; Marc Johnson, bass; Joe LaBarbera, drums

Show Notes

  • The reruns from the more popular shows were from: WKRP (season 2); M*A*S*H (season 8); House Calls (season 1); Lou Grant (season 3); Little House (season 6).
  • One in a Million starred Shirley Hemphill from What’s Happening!!, and lasted just 13 episodes.
  • Not sure what the baseball game was supposed to be, as the Pittsburgh Pirates were off that Monday.