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TV Listings Flashback #4: November 29, 1973

It’s been awhile since my last TV Listings Flashback, so let’s get right to it! Here are the evening/prime time TV network TV listings from November 29, 1973. This particular grid is courtesy that day’s edition of the Tampa Times. Let’s take a look and then get into the shows. Remember that visiting any of the Amazon show title links below will help me in keeping this site running!

TV Listings Flashback: November 29, 1973

I’m going to focus on just the three big networks although you can see what PBS and the local independent station had in store that evening too.

Channel 8 (WFLA – NBC)

  • 6:00 Local news / NBC Nightly News
  • 7:00 What’s My Line?
  • 7:30 To Tell the Truth
  • 8:00 The Flip Wilson Show with guests Richard Pryor and Tim Conway
  • 9:00 Ironside “The Hidden Man” – POW returns home, discovers that revenge-crazed son of hoodlum looking for him.
  • 10:00 NBC Follies – Sammy Davis Jr. welcomes guests Milton Berle, Johnny Brown, Michael Landon, Carol Lawrence.
  • 11:00 Local news
  • 11:30 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson with guests David Brenner, Lana Cantrell, Erich von Daniken.
  • 12:30am Tomorrow (Tom Snyder)

Channel 10 (WLCY – ABC)

  • 6:00 ABC Evening News
  • 6:30 Beat the Clock
  • 7:00 Hollywood Squares
  • 7:30 Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
  • 8:00 The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau “Cousteau in the Antarctic. Part I. South to Fire and Ice”
  • 9:00 Kung Fu “The Soldier” – Young Army officer’s cowardice witnessed by Caine.
  • 10:00 Billy Graham Upper Midwest Crusade
  • 11:00 Local news
  • 11:30 Wide World of Entertainment
  • 12:00am The Dick Cavett Show

Channel 13 (WTVT – CBS)

  • 6:00 Local news
  • 7:00 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite
  • 7:30 Truth or Consequences
  • 8:00 The Waltons “The Bequest” – Grandma informed she has come into inheritance.
  • 9:00 Playhouse 90 “Catholics” starring Trevor Howard, Martin Sheen, and Cyril Cusack
  • 11:00 Local news
  • 11:30 The CBS Late MovieThe Bad Seed” starring Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack, Henry Jones, and Eileen Heckart.
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