A Gallery of Vintage Blank Audio Cassette Tapes

Blank audio cassette tape (Maxell)

It’s easy to get nostalgic for the days of vinyl records — it’s harder to muster up the same sentiment for audio cassettes. They didn’t sound as good and they could be a pain in the ass to deal with. About the only thing they had going for them was size. Still, seeing them does bring back memories of countless hours spent making mixtapes and recording old episodes of the Howard Stern Show from the radio (WXRK New York to be specific).

So whether you grew up with names like Maxell, BASF, and TDK as a part of your lives or not, you should get some enjoyment out of this gallery of blank audio cassette tapes — most of which are from the ’80s. Many of these specimens are brands and cassette lines that I used. All images are courtesy the excellent site tapedeck.org.

Blank audio cassette tape (Maxell)
Blank audio cassette tape (Sanyo)
Blank audio cassette tape (Audio Magnetics)
Audio Magnetics
Blank audio cassette tape (Scotch)
Blank audio cassette tape (Radio Shack)
Radio Shack
Blank audio cassette tape (Ampex)
Blank audio cassette tape (JVC)
Blank audio cassette tape (BASF)
Blank audio cassette tape (TDK)
Blank audio cassette tape (Maxell)

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4 thoughts on “A Gallery of Vintage Blank Audio Cassette Tapes

  1. Max Power

    I still have stuff on both of those Maxell examples, as well as the TDK one.
    My favorite cassettes were TEAC ones that had little reel-to-reel style spools inside a clear shell. Really made a Walkman look high-tech.

  2. Don Newbury

    That was a kick to look at. I went through hundreds of these things and I always liked Maxell the best. In spite of public opinion, I thought they sounded pretty good. Keep up the good work.

  3. spinetingler

    You used the classy stuff (well, except for the Radio Shack).

    I posted a small collection of some older and odder (read: cheaper) ones; http://audioarchives.blogspot.com/2011/10/tape-of-good-hope.html

    1. Chris Holmes

      Very cool stuff! I dig the Sony one.

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