A Pair of Cheeky Vintage Postcards Featuring New Jersey and Sex

It’s been a long time since I shared some classic postcards from my personal collection with you. Just over three years in fact. That’s going to change, since I scored a pretty sizable haul during my last trip to Cape Cod. Most of them are standard motels and tourist traps. But two stand out, and I present them for your enjoyment today.

New Jersey Air Force - The Mosquito postcard

Being from New Jersey, my first instinct was to get all indignant at yet another cheap shot at my beloved home state. Then I realized that this is pretty much spot on. By the time the summer ends, my legs look like a relief map of Asia.

"My wife is away - so just give me what she always gets"!

You might think that the ice delivery guy is having sex with the other guy’s wife, but you’re wrong. No wait, that’s exactly what he’s doing. I wonder if cuckold humor was a sub-genre of postcards back in the day.