Greetings and salutations! I’m Chris Holmes, your host for tonight’s proceedings.  Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Interweb. This humble venture was launched in February 2007 and effectively replaces two other blogs I maintained. The first was Attack of the 15.24 Meter Blog!, a collection of my sporadic observations and attempts at humor. The second was Pictures Go Here, a collection of my digital photography.

Although things started off well, I found after awhile that two separate sites became a little tedious to maintain. That and the old Blogger software was pretty crude and user unfriendly. So I ponied up for a web host, a domain name, and here we are! This blog (usually referred to as GFS) will basically pick up where the other two left off, but in a much snappier way! So what kind of things can you, my loyal reader, expect to find here? To wit:

Stuff you can expect to see on this site

  • Observations on the worlds of music, movies, books, and general pop culture.
  • Original attempts at humor writing (with varying degrees of success).
  • Original digital photography of decent quality – I try to publish finished product only, so you don’t have to wade through 75 photos of my trip to see the world’s largest ball of twine.

Stuff you should not expect to see on this site

  • Diary-style entries about my personal life – if something I’m up to ties into something in the above section, I’ll include it. You won’t find rants about traffic or my coworkers here.
  • Anything Too much on politics or religion. There are already a ton of other bloggers who do that much better than I could ever hope to (not that that’s ever stopped me before).

That’s about it. So look around, have a good time, and please clean up after yourself when you’re done. Oh yeah, one last note – anything on here from before the move may look a little wonky due to the transition from Blogger. Blame them.



P.S. — I verify all site updates and whatnot using Google Chrome only. If any area of the site looks lousy in Internet Explorer or Netscape, switch to a better browser.