The hit counter on this site went into the red today, which can only mean one thing.  Yup, Alycia Lane is at it…again.  When I put up a juicy bikini pic of the disgraced Philadelphia newscaster back in December, I never imagined it would become my most popular post.  In fact, it saddens me a bit.

Today’s news is that Lane is suing her former employer, KYW-TV in Philly, for all manner of (alleged) naughtiness on their part.  I just can’t decide whether she is incredibly unlucky or just batshit crazy.  Either way, for some reason people just have to see pictures of her in a bikini – or less.  So once again, I will give the people what they want:

Alycia Lane bikini picture

Wa wa wee wa!  Very nice!

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