Airline Memories #4: 1970 TWA Flight Shop Catalog

In Airline Memories, I share aviation items and curiosities from the long history of commercial flight. You’ll see everything from ephemera to souvenirs and other branded items from various U.S. airlines. If you have a request or anything else to share, leave a comment or contact me directly.

Not a day goes by that people don’t mourn the loss of the great TWA in some fashion. Next to Pan Am, TWA may be one of the most iconic airline brands no longer with us.

But not today! For thanks to the Gray Flannel Suit time machine, we can hop back to 1970 and check out this fantastic souvenir and accessories Flight Shop catalog. In it we can dream of ordering fantastic TWA-branded merchandise like model airplanes, umbrellas, golf balls, luggage tags, and even cutlery.


1970 TWA Flight Shop Catalog
I’ll take one of everything.
1970 TWA Flight Shop Catalog
I want those jets now.
1970 TWA Flight Shop Catalog
In-flight cooking – an art on TWA!
1970 TWA Flight Shop Catalog

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