Album Cover Gallery — End of Summer Blues

One of the great things about being an adult is I no longer suffer through the end-of-summer blues that every school age kid does. You remember the feeling — as the dog days of August wind down, the sun sets a little earlier and back to school ads dot the TV and retail store landscape. There’s this gnawing feeling — subtle at first but growing — that your days of freedom are coming to an end. Your steps get a little heavier, your eyes a little duller.

The same malaise afflicts us adults — on a slightly lesser scale — as we trade beaches and cookouts for cubicles and microwave lunches. I’m getting kind of depressed just thinking about it.

I wanted to capture that mood for this latest album cover gallery but knew it was a tall order, so I brought in some outside help. I reached out to John Purlia, friend of the Suit, and asked him to put together a collection capturing the end of summer blues for me. Below you’ll find a few of my favorites.

To see more of John Purlia’s works and assorted artistic endeavors, check out his websiteFacebook page, and Etsy shop!

The Party's Over — Polly Bergen
Polly Bergen — The Party’s Over (1957)
How To Overcome Discouragement — J. Martin Rome
J. Martin Rome — How to Overcome Discouragement (1965)
Music To Make Housework Easier — Sinfonieta Di Milano
Sinfonieta Di Milano/William Gunther — Music to Make Housework Easier
School Days — The Moylan Sisters
School Days — The Moylan Sisters (c. 1940s)
Music To Work Or Study By — The Melachrino Orchestra
The Melachrino Orchestra — Music To Work Or Study By (1954/55)
Ding Dong School — Miss Frances
Miss Frances — Ding Dong School (1959)
Music For Washing And Ironing — The Somerset Strings
The Somerset Strings — Music for Washing and Ironing (1958)
24 Short Dances For The Tired Businessman — Hank D'Amico
Hank D’Amico — 24 Short Dances for the Tired Businessman (1957)
Coffee Break — Reg Owen and His Orchestra
Coffee Break — Reg Owen and His Orchestra (1958)
Chain Gang Songs — Josh White
Josh White — Chain Gang Songs (1958)

Here’s a slideshow of the entire collection John put together for this project. Enjoy!