Album cover of the week: Grinding Stone

This week’s selection is a small tribute to the late, great Gary Moore, who died yesterday at age 58.  It’s the cover art for Moore’s first solo record, 1973’s Grinding Stone (released under the moniker of The Gary Moore Band).

OK so it’s not the most subtle cover in the world, what with its phallus-centric art (courtesy Michael Farrel).  I’m also pretty sure that if the rather excited young lass on the left were real, she would be dead within minutes due to severe compression of her internal organs.

In addition to a productive solo career, Moore collaborated with a number of excellent artists.  Most notably he played with fellow Irish rockers Thin Lizzy, with whom he released the excellent 1979 album Black Rose: A Rock Legend.  If you listen to nothing else Moore worked on, listen to that album.

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