Album cover of the week: Hotel Shampoo

The internet is the greatest thing for discovering new music since… well I’m not sure. But thanks to I found out about a neat album by Gruff Rhys, front man for Super Furry Animals. It’s called Hotel Shampoo and it’s got one heck of a neat album cover.

Gruff Rhys - Hotel Shampoo

Not much I can add here. The concept is simple — the song’s titles are presented as items for sale and their lengths shown as prices — but it’s very well executed. Graphic design credit goes to Pete Fowler, who has worked with Rhys and Super Furry Animals before.

As an extra treat, the vinyl edition has a message for us. Stamped on the Side A center ring is “YOU CANNOT DO MUCH ABOUT THE LENGTH OF YOUR LIFE” and on Side B is “BUT YOU CAN DO A LOT ABOUT THE DEPTH AND WIDTH”. Indeed.

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