Album Cover of the Week: Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus

Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus

As ’70s AOR goes, Jefferson Starship’s Red Octopus is pretty good. Not fantastic, but really solid stuff. But what I really dig about it is the album cover. It comes in a few variations, which we’ll look at together.

First up is an original issue from the band’s own Grunt Records imprint (catalog number BFL1-0999). It has a sort of embossed look to it, as the material for the band and album names shimmers based on the light source. Same goes for the “red octopus,” which is a heart with eight legs.

Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus

Non-U.S. editions of the album have the same layout as the original, but ditch the gold leaf effect in favor of a straight red and yellow color scheme. Here’s a specimen from the U.K. (Grunt FTR 2002). I have to say I prefer this scheme over the fancier one. It’s a very striking arrangement  and I dig the typeface as well.

Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus

Graphic design on Red Octopus is credited to the firm of Gribbitt!, and Frank Mulvey is credited as art director. Another fine Gribbitt! entry from ’75 is Parliament’s Mothership Connection.

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