Album cover of the week: Mobius (Cedar Walton)

The recent death of French artist Jean Giraud — aka Moebius — was the inspiration for this week’s album cover selection. It’s Cedar Walton’s Mobius, released on RCA Records (APL1-1009) in 1975.

Cedar Walton - Mobius

The album notes pretty much give away the inspiration for the title:

Mobius, which is the theoretical shape of the infinite universe, makes use of the most modern recording techniques and synthesizers. We mastered and mixed so that it’s hotter than the competition, which should help radio play and in-store demonstration.”

Technically the correct spelling would be Möbius, but I’m not sure how jazz/funk fans in 1975 would’ve reacted to seeing an umlaut in an album title. But they’d probably get past it hearing hot tracks like “Road Island Red.”

Unfortunately I do not know who illustrated this cover, so if any of you can provide that information please do!