Album cover of the week: Smoke Dreams

I ask you – what’s not to love about this album cover?  Sure it’s textbook ’50s lounge cheese, but that’s precisely what makes it so great.  The smoky font, the swooning lady, and the outstretched arms of one Mr. Ronnie Deauville all combine to produce a wonderful piece of cover art.  Throw in the Atomic Age logo of Era Records and you’ve got a winner.  Behold, 1956’s Smoke Dreams:

Sadly this cover marked the end of an era for Deauville, who in 1956 was involved in a car accident and was stricken by polio.  He spent more than a year in an iron lung and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  For more about that, check out this post from People vs. Dr. Chilledair.

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