Angela Dorian’s Playboy Playmate Pink 1968 AMX

According to at least one source, in 1964 Playboy magazine started giving away so-called Playmate Pink automobiles as prizes to the women selected as Playmate of the Year. For 1968, Angela Dorian — born Victoria Vetri — was given the honor and a brand-new 1968 pink AMC AMX, the first model year for the sports car.

Angela Dorian's Playboy Playmate Pink 1968 AMX

Hot pink indeed.

This AMX was powered by the base 290 V8 with automatic transmission, air conditioning, tilt wheel, AM/8-track radio and optional rear bumper guards. In addition to the paint job, this car differed from other AMXs in that its dashboard number plate contained Dorian’s measurements, making her car AMX 36-24-35.

According to my exhaustive internet sleuthing, Dorian still owns the car, which is now black. At least that’s as of 2010, when she was arrested for attempted murder of her husband. She was given a nine-year prison sentence in 2011.

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