Battle of the CHiPs TV Theme Songs!

CHiPs Emergency Medical Kit

Yesterday I posted an image on my Facebook page of an old CHiPs Emergency Medical Kit toy, and we all had fun with it. I’m not sure why a medical kit is a relevant toy for a show about motorcycle cops, but whatever.

But it got me to thinking about an age-old question. Of the two main theme songs CHiPs used over the course of its six-season run, which is the better one? I know what my answer is, but I need to know what you think. For reference, here are the choices. Both were written by John Parker, by the way.

Here’s the intro used for season 1, which is fairly close to what was used for the pilot episode as well. It was also used on occasion in later seasons.

CHiPs season-6 with 1977 theme by deadsnake

As you can hear, we’ve got a bit of a laid back mariachi thing going on here. I very much dig the trumpet solo.

Here’s the version used from season two through season six, arranged by Alan Silvestri.

CHiPs Intro & Theme Season Two by dm_50aac3e3c0987

This is the version most people probably remember, and I would classify it as Disco Funk. It moves along at a much more urgent pace, and of course there’s that bass line.

So there you are, two great choices. Voting is taking place now on the GFS Facebook page, so let your voice be heard!

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