The Bold Look of Kohler Harvest Gold (1969)

Now here is a swingin’ relic from advertising’s very groovy past. It’s part of a campaign called “The Bold Look of Kohler,” and it features two of the three primary colors of the 1970s — Avocado Green and Harvest Gold (but no Cerulean Blue). Dig it:

The Bold Look of Kohler Harvest Gold (1969)That just screams 1969, from the colors to the outfit, and even to the stylized stencil typeface for Harvest Gold. I love it.

But if that’s not enough for you, check out this brochure page highlighting Avocado Green. I get a hankerin’ for watching the Brady Bunch and driving a 3-ton American car just looking at it.

The Bold Look of Kohler Avocado Green (1969)I suppose at one time Avocado Green did provide a “soft, neutral effect,” but not so much anymore.

(h/t Kohler)