Brochure Beauties #8: 1937 Willys, The Surprise Car of the Year!

It’s hard to believe that I’m almost 10 entries into this series and haven’t shared any car brochures. Luckily I found a real gem for the first one. This brochure highlights the new 1937 Willys, with the slogan “The Surprise Car of the Year.” The typeface and color scheme are very much of their era, and are a pure delight.

The first image breaks down (OK, unfortunate phrasing) the cost of ownership over 35,000 miles. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a car brochure give a depreciation amount before.

1937 Willys car brochure

Next up is the money shot, a pretty nice looking pre-war car that boasts up to 35 miles per gallon.

1937 Willys car brochure

Next we get several exterior and interior shots, with some very well-dressed people looking very approvingly at the beautiful bench seats, roomy interior and spacious trunk.

1937 Willys car brochure

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