Can You Name This Car?

One of my Facebook page‘s readers posted a photo challenge for me, which was to identify the car and time period in this picture:

Can you name this car?

My guess? 1936 or '37 Chevy Standard trunkback.

I am not an expert in antique cars, but I’m a half-decent internet sleuth. From what I can discern, this looks to be an American car from the mid-1930s, in the style of a “trunkback.”

Now, just about all of the major manufacturers had trunkbacks in the mid ’30s, but one thing that looks fairly unique are the wheels. Those appear to be specific to Chevrolet. So based on that, and on the styling of the car — which sadly doesn’t have any obvious identifications or markings — my best guess is that this is a Chevy Standard, most likely from 1936 or 1937.

So I throw out a challenge to anyone reading this — am I right? And if not, any idea what the make and model is in this picture?