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Comic Book Rack #4: Hi-School Romance, March 1954

Hi-School Romance, March 1954

Here’s a mid-century gem from Harvey Comics: It’s issue #26 of Hi-School Romance, publication date March 1954. One of the common tropes I’ve noticed from these romance comics is that the kid with the bow tie always seems to be choice #2 for the heartbroken girl. Well, not Eddie Fisher, but the other kids.

This cover, with art by Julius La Rosa, comes from the “Rage of Night” story. The others stories are just as delightfully named — “Trapped by Desire,” “Tempted!” and “I Lied to My Love.” So scandalous! So steamy!

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Comic Book Rack #2: Guns Against Gangsters, 1949

Guns Against Gangsters comic book cover, 1949

If you’re a beautiful dame and find yourself underwater and face-to-face with a man-eating shark, you want a giant bowie knife at your side. I just need to know how she ended up in the water wearing those red short shorts and heels.

Guns Against Gangsters #6, July-August 1949; published by The Premium Group of Comics (aka Novelty Press); art by LB Cole.