Thursday, July 9

Commercials I Hate — Chobani Real Love Stories (Stephen)

I don’t want to hate these new Chobani “Real Love” spots. I happen to be a real-life Chobani consumer, and have been for a few years. So imagine my disappointment at seeing this complete dork on my TV:

OK, so let’s talk about the most obviously annoying aspects of this spot:

  • Dude can’t even pronounce the name of the company correctly. What the hell is Trobani?
  • He shovels that yogurt down his gullet with the same grip a kid uses to eat a bowl of cereal. Hey jerkoff, how about putting the bike away and learning a little table etiquette?
  • I don’t know if it’s sadder that this guy might have actually biked 80 miles to visit a yogurt factory, or that he brags about it.

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