Commercials I hate: Education Connection

Here’s a classic example of “more is less”.  There’s nothing inherently bad or obnoxious about the current group of Education Connection commercials.  The problem comes from their sheer ubiquitousnes.  Day or night – regardless of channel it seems – this chick in her pajamas is in my face an average of every 7.2 minutes.  But I can understand why – how else would you be able to find out about online schools and scholarships?

Oh wait, you can USE THE INTERNET.

And how ’bout those production values!  Apparently this girl isn’t just wearing pajamas, she’s wearing see-through pajamas.  Look closely at them starting around the 23-second mark, and you’ll see the graphics flying through her shorts.  I’ll just assume none of these online schools teach TV production.

Luckily Education Connection has made it possible to annoy people in two languages:

¡Uy, cursos sólo están disponibles en Inglés!

And don’t even get me started on this one.

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