Commercials I Hate — “Honeymoon” (Subaru Outback)

I promise I’m not hyper-focused on car ads for this series, but it just seems that they irritate me the most these days. And this one is currently at the top of my list. It’s the oh-so-cute and romantic “Honeymoon” spot for the Subaru Outback.

Can we quit it with the sloppy hipsters in car ads already? I happen to really like the Outback, but if I saw a couple like this driving one I might just run them off the road. Of course they’d probably just say “oh, what a great adventure!” and grin like idiots.

I could probably handle the sappy montage, but then the douchenozzle husband kicks in with the smugness:

“We could’ve gone a more traditional route. But it wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable.”

You know what, hipster honeymooner? Your special little trip in the dirt is no more memorable than a Caribbean cruise. You just think it is, because you get off on cupping your own farts and feeling special and unique. GAH I hate millennials with the fury of a thousand white-hot suns.

On and by the way Subaru — nice work recycling that song (“Here Comes the Sun Again” by M. Ward). Yeah that’s right, recycled in an ad for the Cadillac SRX Crossover.

Not so special and unique now, are you hipsters?

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5 thoughts on “Commercials I Hate — “Honeymoon” (Subaru Outback)

  1. louisproyect

    Just found this googling Subaru/commercials/annoying. Now they are running the commercial with the father and daughter driving to locate a rainbow. The commercial ain’t that bad, it is just that they run it 10 times an hour on various cable channels. It makes me psychotic. They should use the commercial to torture prisoners in Guantanamo.

  2. mike

    i hate all the subaru commercials. what do they have to do with the car at all? these are beyond irritating to me and i could not put my finger on the irritation. it is the “hipster” angle. it is now my mission in life to never buy a subaru, or even ride in one. i would walk through the 110 degree desert to avoid a ride in one for fear i would have to spend anytime with someone who could be sucked in by this garbage

  3. FNLN

    Furthermore, no hipster would be caught dead in a brand-new car of any kind. If they drove a Subaru at all it would be a rusted out ’85 GL-10, but more likely (following the hipster trend) a late-80s Volvo wagon.

  4. TVannie

    I hate this commercial. The guy wants his honeymoon to be in a canvas tent on an Army cot? I can not imagine anyone thinking that is romantic, comfortable or even practical. And I hate the vest, tie with no jacket look.

  5. Anonymous

    Some honemoon. You took her to a pretty bit of woods to a tent with not one but two army cots. Are they hipsters, or runaways from the Duggar farm who don’t know the facts of life?

    Plus that song gets on my last nerve.

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