Thursday, April 2

Commercials I hate – Toyota Highlander and that little puke kid

Now that the holiday season is behind us and with it, thank God, those headache-inducing Hyundai hipsters, it’s time to focus on an even more insidious automotive ad campaign.  You know what I’m talking about – the Toyota Highlander commercials featuring that obnoxious little punk.

At least the hipsters were trying to convey a sense of fun and whimsy.  Can anyone explain what the redeeming qualities of these ads are?  I can tell you what I see in these spots:

  • Smart-mouthed little brat?  Check.
  • Future status-seeking jerkoff?  Check.
  • The most rage-inducing child I’ve seen on my TV since Danny Cooksey?  Check.
  • Little turd who doesn’t get the irony of calling his parents lame while wearing skinny jeans?  Check.
  • Ungrateful twerp who should be thankful his folks don’t smack that smirk and poodle haircut right off of him?  Check*
  • Future hipster who uses terms like ‘je ne sais quoi’?  Check.

I know I’m not the first person on the hate train with the ads, as they’ve been out for a few months.  But unlike the hipsters, they’re still around as a near daily reminder of why I sometimes hate our consumer culture.  And of how I hope my son does not turn out to be.

Incidentally, and for those wondering, the actor playing this pint-sized Mephistopheles has a name: Riley Thomas Stewart.

And because I’m in a charitable mood, here’s some more of these abominations!

*The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit neither condones nor promotes violence against children.  Except maybe this one.

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  • Live2ride456

    hi ya   this is my friends little brother, ya im friends with this kid and he is the coolest freaking kid that i know   so shut up haters

  • Deimos

    I would never buy a Highlander just because of the horrible commercials. I am SO SICK of them playing nonstop day after day. I leave the room, I turn off the television. I wait for days before turning it back on. Then when I do, there it is AGAIN! Who are these people who thought this was a good idea for an ad? “Puke” is right. Somebody make them stop, please!

  • HateScreamingTacoBellGuy

    I have a suggestion for the next hated commercial…the Taco Bell commercial where the guy screams “I have a winner” over and over again. I hate it as much as the Hyundai hipster commercial at Xmas.

  • MY HERO!! Just posted your site on my Facebook page. I am a Hulu Plus guy and, sadly, THIS is the current “heavy rotation” ad campaign on the site. My eyes bleeeeeeed@@

  • I really hate these commercials, almost to the point of wish I could turn back time and punch his mother in the uterus…and now I find out he has MY son’s first name!!! I promise you, my Riley could kick the teeth out of this little douche’s mouth easily, then jump into my van with a smile on his face.

  • Lee Ann

    There are plenty of sites hating on this commercial. This one is, by far, the funniest and most clever. KUDOS!!!

  • bookfreak

    Loathe, loathe, loathe these ads. NO kid gets a say in what vehicle the parents buy. Not to mention that in our county, where unemployment was at 17%-20% for MONTHS, any vehicle that RUNS is a good one!

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