Commercials I love: Ivory soap gets clever (and stays simple)

Ivory soap

Ivory soapSo how do you successfully re-introduce and market a basic household staple that has been around for more than 130 years, and really hasn’t changed substantially during that time?

This is how. Behold two new spots for Ivory soap, one of Procter & Gamble’s signature brands.

Short and clever. I love it. The stop-motion soap effect (please don’t ruin it by telling me it’s actually CGI) reminds me of old episodes of Gumby or Chapi Chapo, so big points there. I can overlook the slightly twee music at the end, as that’s pretty standard in commercials these days.

This campaign was developed by Wieden + Kennedy and features “Ivoryisms,” the little marketing slogans featured in each spot. I’d say that the “less is more” point is made quite effectively here, so kudos to them. Take that, Axe and Old Spice!

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5 thoughts on “Commercials I love: Ivory soap gets clever (and stays simple)

  1. Marcus

    I want you to play the ivory soap commercial with the naked children.

  2. clever-title

    I am certain that the creator of this ad had this classic Sesame Street animation in mind:

    1. Chris Holmes

      That is one groovy soundtrack. I’ll see you that and raise you this –

      1. clever-title

        I’m seeing a new series of posts: “Trippy stop-motion animation that was probably inappropriate for children”

        1. Chris Holmes

          You should watch some of those early Gumbys. There’s one in particular, where he visits the inside of an oven and gets accosted by dough, that still creeps me out.

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