Cross-pollination: 10 reasons to love Rush (on Popblerd)


RushMike at Popblerd (my musical brother from another mother) and I have been knocking our heads together for a few weeks, trying to find a way to get a project going between our sites. Focusing on music was an obvious direction, as we have pretty similar (awesome) tastes in music. What we decided on is a new series called “Why the hell should I like… ?”, in which we will take turns trying to make the other see the light, so to speak, with regards to our favorite artists.

The first piece in the series — focusing on Rush — launched on his site last week. Mike admitted to me that he never tried too hard to get into Rush, so my task was to give him 10 songs that would spur him to try now. He’ll take some time to listen to the songs, and then post his response here.

After that, he’ll write a post here to make his case for me getting into another artists, and so on. We hope you enjoy the series, and feel free to weigh in yourselves!

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  1. Phil

    Awesome idea, Chris! Can’t wait to see what happens.

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