Cross-pollination: Beyond the Wonder (Bertie Higgins) on Popdose

Inspired by a great discussion on the Popdose Google group and by an excellent editorial by Jeff Giles, I’ve decided to shift the focus of my online music writing. While I still write reviews, when something really moves me for bad or good, but I will worry less about churning out articles just to keep new content flowing and more about writing for the sake of sharing. I find that the music sites I enjoy the most don’t just talk about music, they explore music and its very real and deep connections to us as people.

All that is to say that for the latest installment of my Beyond the Wonder series on Popdose, I’ve written about an album with a very real and meaningful connection to my life — Just Another Day in Paradise by Bertie Higgins. I won’t ruin the surprise for you here, but I hope you’ll check the article out. And hey, if you find you dig the album as much as I do, so much the better.