Cross-Pollination: Five Musical Autobiographies I Want to See (on Popdose)

Michael Anthony of Van Halen and ChickenfootWhen Popdose Grand Poobah Jeff Giles asked me to write a list article for his site, I couldn’t say no. The only question I had for him was, “what content restraints am I working under?” He said, “none.”

I’m sure he’ll come to regret that answer in the coming weeks, but hopefully not now.

For today my chosen topic is music autobiography, or musiphy as it’s known in the industry. We’ve seen some great ones in recent years — Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt, Ace Frehley’s No Regrets, and Bob Dylan’s Chronicles just to name three.

But what about all the legendary musicians we haven’t heard from yet? Like James Hetfield of Metallica, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, or… well, you can read all about that on Popdose.