Cross-Pollination: Top 5 Holy Grail Playset Toys of the 1980s (on Popdose)

He-Man Masters of the Universe toy line poster (feat. the Eternia playset)

Surely the internet doesn’t need another list of cool toys from the ’80s does it? Well too bad, because you’ve got one now. For this post I looked at the big mamma-jamma playset toys that most of us who were kids in the 1980s could only dream of owning. Sure, I had some cool sets like the COBRA Terror Drome, but nothing like the stuff on this top 5 list.

Some may take issue with my inclusion of two She-Ra sets at number five, but I simply didn’t want to have blinders on and make this a list of toys for boys only. Because I’m all sensitive and progressive like that. I have to admit though, the TV ads for those She-Ra toys bear a striking resemblance to soap ads from the same period. Witness this spot for the Crystal Falls playset:

Anyone who knows anything about ’80s toys will not be shocked by my choice for #1, but if you can think of anything more impressive than the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier then please let me know.

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