Damn Gumby, you scary!

GumbyToday is the celebration of Gumby creator Art Clokey’s 90th birthday. If you check out the Google home page today you can see a Gumby-inspired doodle. There’s also a new site called Gumby World that has a wealth of information on everyone’s favorite little green slab of clay.

I loved Gumby growing up — still do — and I especially cherish the classic 1950s episodes. They were kid’s stuff for sure, but some of them had a really trippy and slightly creepy side to them.

Take, for instance, this 1957 episode called “In the Dough.” It starts off in typical fantastical fashion as Gumby and Pokey are invited into an oven to see how baked goods are made. But when the dough seems to turn on the pair, shit gets real. Check it:

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