David Hasselhoff – “Jump in My Car”

You remember those “You’re the Star!” video booths they had at Disney, Six Flags and other amusement parks? For $5 you could put on some wacky props like oversized sunglasses and a wig, and then “star” in a video by lip synching. As an added bonus you received a cheap VHS copy of the video. Yeah, it seemed fun at the time, but when you watch the video years later, you just cringe and hope your significant other or children never see it.

Well, David Hasselhoff seems intent on making a career out of that crap. And while the latest entry, “Jump in My Car,” is no “Hooked on a Feeling,” it has its strengths. And by “strengths” I mean that there were a few things that were only slightly less embarrassing than the rest of the video.

KITT says: “Michael, this degrades us both.”