Football Friday: The NFL, Its Logos, and You (1964 Style)

First, big site news. My latest project — a comprehensive gallery of every American Football League program ever — is underway. So far I only have cover images from the 1960 season up, but more will follow before too long. Check it out here.

In searching for more cover images for the project, I stumbled across a very cool piece of 1960s ephemera from the NFL. The Packerville blog posted scans from a 1964 NFL publication called The NFL and You. The purpose of the booklet was to convince up-and-coming football players (and perhaps league veterans) that the NFL was the way to go, and not the “inferior” AFL.

The whole post is worth reading but two pages caught my eye. The cover image is a very cool snapshot of the helmets from all 14 NFL franchises in ’64. Many of them have changed very little, like the Colts, Steelers, or Browns. But dig the domes for the Eagles, Redskins, and Rams. Excellent stuff.

The NFL and You (1964)

But even more striking and cool is the back cover, featuring a gallery of all 14 team logos.

NFL logos, 1964

Oh now that is sweet. I’ve seen most of these already, but it’s fun to look at them again. That cartoonish steel worker from the Pittsburgh Steelers logo is in pretty stark contrast to the image the franchise would cultivate starting in the ’70s. And what’s not to love about the rootin’, tootin’, gun shootin’ San Francisco 49ers logo? I also love the Cardinals, Cowboys, and Colts logos. That New York Giants one looks like football clip art. Blech.

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