Football Friday — Vintage NFL Products from the Sears Catalog, Part 1

And it’s back to the Sears catalog I go, this time to bring you a host of vintage NFL merchandise from the past. Let’s take a look!

National Football League (NFL) sheets, Sears 1973 spring catalog

I don’t know if I had this bedding set (from 1973) exactly, but I had one very much like it. I had matching curtains too. Man do I miss them. Dig that funky New York Jets wordmark!

National Football League (NFL) sheets, Sears 1975 fall catalog

National Football League (NFL) sheets, Sears 1975 fall catalog

Both of these images are from the Fall 1975 catalog. My eye is immediately drawn to the old Los Angeles Rams and Houston Oilers logos.

National Football League (NFL) rain ponchos, Sears 1972 fall catalog

Nothing too special on these rain ponchos from the Fall 1972 catalog, but that group of logos on the page is worth a closer look:

National Football League (NFL) rain poncho logos, Sears 1972 fall catalog

Sweet. Love that old Philadelphia Eagles helmet.

National Football League (NFL) sheets, Sears 1977 spring catalog

More sheets, this time from the Spring 1977 catalog. I think this is the design I had, but there were so many similar variations it’s hard to tell. I know for certain I did not have the awesome TV wedge-rest or bed rest/husband. But I would love them now.

And is it just me or did they overdo it a bit with the drapes? They left like 6 inches of window space. Was that a ’70s thing?

National Football League (NFL) jersey shirts, Sears 1980 fall catalog

Ah, the days when jerseys — even fake ones — had real sleeves. And it should be no surprise that in Fall 1980, the two most prominently featured teams were the Steelers and Cowboys.

National Football League (NFL) sweatshirts and shirts, Sears 1979 fall catalog

Fall 1979. The sweatshirts are cool, but I’m fascinated with the mesh jerseys. The color schemes are fine, but if I didn’t know any better I’d say they were some cheap NFL knockoff rather than officially licensed goods. They look like something from an entirely different league, in fact.

National Football League (NFL) pajamas and robe, Sears 1979 fall catalog

More Fall ’79 goodness. I wonder who got to decide which six team helmets made it onto the pajamas?

National Football League (NFL) jersey shirts, Sears 1982 spring catalog

Oh my. Yup, this is 1982 all right. Little Billy clenches his fists in rage until the days of super-high shorts are over.

National Football League (NFL) jackets, Sears 1980 fall catalog

Whew! That’s more like it. Back to Fall 1980 we go for the last image. This is as close as a lot of kids got to wearing letterman jackets in high school, and they were quite nifty. Not sure about that bright orange Buccaneers jacket though.

There are a lot more vintage pages to come, but you’ll have to wait for future editions of Football Friday to see them…