Four Classic Bettie Page Album Covers — Two Old, Two New

If my Tumblr feed is any indication, Bettie Page is one of the most loved and photographed women in history. And so it’s only natural that she’d show up on album covers as well. Here’s a cheesecake-filled selection.

The Best Musical Comedy Songs (Bettie Page album cover)

The Best Musical Comedy Songs (Halo Records, 1957)

This is a shot from the famous 1954 “Jungle Bettie” session with photographer Bunny Yeager.

DLR Band (Bettie Page album cover)

David Lee Roth, DLR Band (Wawazat!! Records, 1998)

Never one for subtlety, David Lee Roth‘s 1998 solo album pretty much summed up what he thought was best about America. This also appears to be from the same Yeager photo session as the first cover.

Ain't Misbehavin': Fats Waller's Hits and Jazz (Bettie Page album cover)

Ain’t Misbehavin’: Fats Waller’s Hits and Jazz (Halo Records, 1957)

Here’s another lovely 1957 gem from Halo Records. I’m not enough of a Pageophile to know the lineage of this boudoir shot. This same photo of Bettie in her black lingerie was used for a 1955 release of Bizet’s Carmen by the London Concert Orchestra, but with most of the lingerie (not to mention the bit of nipple on her right) cropped out.

Lords Of Acid - Do What You Wanna Do (Bettie Page album cover)

Lords of Acid, “Do What You Wanna Do” (1995, American Recordings)

Here’s another classic Bettie photo from the ’50s by Bunny Yeager. This one cranks up the humor element by putting Page in a slinky devil’s costume. I’m not totally certain of the year but I think it’s from 1954.