Let’s See Fred Flintstone Smoke Winston Cigarettes in Color

Hang around the internet long enough and you’ll stumble across one of the classic TV commercials for Winston cigarettes, starring the Flintstones. Those spots from the early ’60s are practically advertising legend at this point. If you haven’t seen them, click on the link above and prepare to be amazed.

Well if you thought that was cool — or even if you didn’t — then you’ll really enjoy this find. It’s an original production animation cel from the second spot in that clip; a closeup of Fred Flintstone sparking a Winston and loving every second of it. Oddly enough, the animation is in glorious color while the cigarette appears to be a black and white photograph.

Fred Flintstone smokes a Winston cigarette in a 1960s ad
Winston tastes good like a *clap* *clap* cigarette should!

Now that’s responsible marketing!

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  1. This is actually a good ad campaign. I don’t smoke, nor do I plan on starting, but as far a “getting people to act on the message” goes, these ads do the job.

    Next up: Powerpuff Girls getting late teens/early 20somethings to buy Google Glass.

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