Free .mp3 downloads!

Sorry, they’re not on this site (psych!).  But if you don’t mind giving away your email address, there are two new tracks elsewhere on the intertubes you can download for free, and I recommend you grab both of them.

The first is “Spiralling”, the first single from the upcoming Keane album, Perfect Symmetry.  You can get a copy from the band’s website.  On first listen, it’s definitely a huge departure from the decidedly more melancholy, Coldplay-esque sounds of Keane’s first two albums.  And that’s probably a good thing.  That said, the very ’80s vibe of the song probably wouldn’t work well across an entire album – which comes out in October by the way.

The second song is from David Byrne and Brian Eno, who last collaborated on 1981’s acclaimed My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.  It’s called “Strange Overtones,” and it’s from their upcoming album named Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.  It’s very catchy and reminds me of the work Eno did on the last Paul Simon album, Surprise.  This promises to be one of the best albums of the year, if for no other reason than the pedigree involved.

You can get “Strange Overtones” on the album website, where the full record will be available for download on August 18th.  Byrne recently commented on his journal that he doesn’t plan a big publicity push for Everything, and wants to see if internet word-of-mouth will be enough to spread the news.  So now I’m doing my part to help.

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