George Lucas and Seth Green kick it up a notch

Fans of Robot Chicken no doubt remember one of the greatest moments in television history – the sketch with Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars taking a call from Darth Vader right after the first Death Star exploded. All the elements of geeky fandom came together, and thanks to the vocal talents of Seth MacFarlane we got an all-time classic bit.

Apparently His Galactic Highness, George Lucas himself, was equally impressed. He agreed to lend his voice for an upcoming half-hour special entitled Robot Chicken: Star Wars. It’ll air June 17 on Adult Swim, and promises to be all kinds of awesome.

What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?

My only concern is that typically, the jokes on RC work best when they are quick. The longer sketches tend to get a little monotonous after awhile. I remain optimistic, however, that there will be enough strong material on this special to make it worthwhile. May the Force be…sorry, I’m not that big of a geek.