Get the London Look and Fit a Tuppence Between Your Teeth

Georgia Jagger for Rimmel and the Big Book of British Smiles

Sure, Georgia May Jagger is the daughter of rock icon Mick Jagger and has a lucrative endorsement deal with Rimmel London. But on the other hand, if she forgets to close her mouth when she walks down the street everyone hears a weird whistling noise.

Yeah I know, all of these models have to have some gimmick that makes them unique or interesting. But seriously, those teeth are frigging distracting.

Georgia Jagger for Rimmel and the Big Book of British Smiles
Jagger's next endorsement deal.

Say, you know who else has the London look?

Alfred E. Neuman
"What, me sell makeup?"

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10 thoughts on “Get the London Look and Fit a Tuppence Between Your Teeth

  1. John D Slocum

    actually, I think her teeth are hot, she looks alot like my ex-wife. nothing wrong with her at all. I’d never kick her out of bed for eating crackers

  2. s

    So you’re genuinely slagging someone because of the teeth they were born with…to what end exactly? I just don’t understand why people are so irritated by them, and if you’re so easily distracted by a gap in someone’s teeth then I’d try working on your attention span. And yes, I do understand that this post is trying to be humorous…I’d maybe work on that too.

  3. sss

    Better look at your teeth assholes, this is her characteristic sign and they’re perfect white, stupid fags she can correct that at anytime, but the owners of Rimmel want her to keep that signs, look very beautiful, and teeth is not the life, people got more important problems. If you look only at teeth fuckers u are not more worth than this company

  4. KT

    As the Londoners say…”Mind the Gap!”

  5. PCJ

    Omg…she gives the “London Look” a really bad name then…or should I say gives London a really bad rap on their TEETH!! She must have a beautiful heart because she certainly doesn’t possess the beauty on the outside!! There’s no amount of make-up they could put on her that would convince me to buy their product now!! The fact that they would use someone just because of their ‘name’ speaks volumes for the type of Company they are running, and it’s not saying much in my opinion!!

  6. K

    Lol,Afraid you’re right my friend. Her teeth are distracting from how pretty she is. I suggest either she keeps her mouth closed or get the number for a good orthodontist! XD

  7. Tiffer

    I KNEW that “model” was just a skinny chick with a famous last name. That face and those teeth on a regular Joe would not be landing a lucrative modeling contract. Typical.

  8. laura

    Hi, I read your comment & I thought…WHAT? Her teeth & mouth are what makes her unique & recognizable. As they look to be inherited from her paternal gene pool, as there is NO confusing: ‘who’s your daddy, Georgia Mae? So many young women have been made to feel they have to ‘change’ themselves medically so as to fit into the ‘cookie-cutter’ mainstream media, due to veiwpoints such as expressed here. Would the comments be the same if she were a male…suggestions to ‘keep his mouth closed’ so as to be considered attractive?…Oh wait, a male does have the same physical structure…

    1. Chris Holmes

      Yes, I would be making the same suggestions if this were a male. And as far as women feeling pressure to change their appearance, you do realize this is a cosmetics commercial right? Their whole reason for being is to get women to feel inadequate about the way they look so they’ll pay money to change.

      1. Victoria

        LOL so true

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