Gordon’s alive!

Flash Gordon fans rejoice! After being out of print for years, this classic of cinema returns to DVD on August 7 with the Saviour of the Universe Edition. And you know it’ll be good, because they put the “u” in Savior! European fans (aka Region 2) already got what I hear was a pretty sweet Silver Anniversary Edition release in 2005, but we Region 1 suckers got left out in the cold. The Saviour edition does lack some of the neat extras of the Silver edition, but there’s enough improvements over the original DVD release that make it appealing even if you own another copy. Most importantly, the soundtrack has been remixed for 5.1 Dolby Surround, which should be a vast improvement over the piss-poor mono on the original.

A full review is forthcoming, so stay tuned. And watch out for hot hail.