Gray Flannel Fotos: The Ten Commandments in Lake George

Here’s a classic from the archives that I just got around to processing. It was taken in the Valley View Chapel, located on Route 9N in Ticonderoga, New York. I and Mrs. Suit happened upon this while driving around on vacation in Lake George several years ago, on a crisp autumn afternoon. The chapel, which was founded in 1901, sits adjacent to a cemetery.

Valley View Chapel - 10 Commandments

It’s not evident from this photograph, but the chapel appears to be little more than a tourist attraction at this point. The doors were all left wide open (this was October, mind you) and dead leaves fluttered all around the small chapel. Still, most of the structure and furniture appear to be in decent shape.

I shot this because I always love the look of stained glass in churches, and the design on this one is simple yet striking. The angel holding the Ten Commandments is obviously the focal point, but my eye keeps drifting to the dark diamond border.